Racquets:  There has been an explosion of styles in Pickleball equipment, especially in models of racquets.  It's overwhelming when you examine all the styles available.  One wise recommendation we have is to try out several models of racquets through your friends, even for just a few games, before selecting and buying your own racquet.  


Shoes are another important piece of equipment in the sport of Pickleball.  Many players use non-marking tennis shoes. however, buying shoes over the internet from catalog listings may not give you a true feel and ideal fit compared to going into a brick-and-mortar sporting goods store to try on various sizes and models of shoes.  Finally, when selecting shoes be sure they are true, non-marking court shoes made specifically for indoor and/or outdoor court surfaces.


If you have the extra time to check out other supplier and equipment models, you can start by going to the USAPA's website and searching under equipment - link:  USAPA


There are many vendors offering Pickleball equipment.  Generally, we refer players to Pickleball Central who carry a wide variety of Pickleball equipment with fast shipping, and a 5% discount for Mountains & Meadows Pickleball Club members (to receive your personal 5% discount at Pickleball Central be sure to mention our Club Rewards Card code:  CRpickMM).  All individual orders of $99 or more come with free shipping and handling at Pickleball Central; therefore, if you can piggyback group orders to exceed $99, more savings will be achieved.


For your information, not only do you receive 5% discount on each of your orders when you mention the CRpickMM discount code, but our Club receives and additional 5% credit (dividend) which we can apply to replacement equipment (e.g. nets, balls, etc).  Click on the Pickleball Central logo link (above left) to access the website.


Check out this website which compares 50+ pickleball paddles, providing information about the different materials, weights, and more, to help players find the best paddle for their style of play.  Click on the Pickleball Paddle Shop logo (left) to access the site.

Here's another website you can check out that contains some helpful information regarding equipment and rules.  Click on the logo (left).

Note:  The above information is provided for the convenience of players only - M&M Pickleball Club cannot be held liable for any information or recommendations provided in those websites.