Pickleball Venues & Locations

                 The Mountains & Meadows Pickleball Club is a kaleidoscope of color, reflecting uniquely different playing venues spread across the mountains and meadows of West Central Idaho.  Considering the total combined population of McCall, New Meadows and Donnelly of approximately 3,000 residents (with two traffic lights for all three towns!), we are most fortunate and grateful to have built and renovated sixteen Pickleball courts in less than one year, without any pubic funding to date.  In addition, we are able to play on the free public courts at both McCall High School and the City of Donnelly. 

Visitors to the area are welcome to join members at any of our venues.



Valley County

The Club at Aspen Village

Outdoor Pickleball - 4 courts - Spring/Summer/Fall

Fee:  Season Pass $45 single/$80 couple or $5 per session.

Coordinator:   Paul Christensen e: paulkris0546@msn.com

The Club at Aspen Village: contact - Debbie Isley http://theclubmccall.com

Elk Creek Celebration Center

Indoor Pickleball - Winter

Location:  14102 Hwy 55 McCall

Donation:   $5 per person/per session

Coordinator:  Laurie Janssen - p:  315.5195 - e: fourpjs@frontiernet.net

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Adams County
New Meadows

MeadowCreek Golf Resort

Five Outdoor Courts - Spring/Summer/Fall

Located in the scenic Meadows Valley,

Fee:  Season Pass $25 single/$40 couple or $5 per session

(Note:  No fee for MCRA/MCPOA members)

Coordinators:  Tootie Neeves p:  (302) 540-8830 - e: neevesp@gmail.com and Max Muffley p:  (208) 362-8888

MeadowCreekGolf Resort: www.meadowcreekgolfresort.com - ProShop p:  (208)347.2555

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Meadows Valley High School

Three Indoor Courts - Winter Program

Donations accepted for MVHS Athletic Program ($5 per session).

Coordinators:  Art & Cynthia Peavey e: ionebar@hotmail.com

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